Bensimon marble effect - by Artlex

Create your own stylish sneakers! 
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Bensimon marble effect  - by Artlex

Create your own stylish sneakers! With its elegant marbled soles, this pair offers the perfect balance of laid-back sophistication


  • 1 pair of Bensimon® sneakers
  • 1 white nail polish
  • 1 grey nail polish
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 1 toothpick
  • 1 container filled with water


Step 1 :

Use masking tape to protect contour fabric, applying it along the edge of the shoe sole.

Step 2 : Going from left to right in small movements, pour half of the grey varnish into the water. Use a newer nail polish, as it will be more liquid.

Step 3 : 

Repeat the process with the white varnish.

Step 4 : 

With the toothpick, gently mix the two colours to create a harmonious marbled effect.


Step 5 : 

Gently soak the front part of the shoe sole so that the nail polish begins to stick.


Step 6 : 

Turn the shoe over to cover the entire front sole.

Step 7 : 

Repeat until the pattern covers the entire sole. Be careful, this step must be done quickly!

Step 8 : 

Allow to dry for about 1 hour, then remove the masking tape.

This very simple technique offers so many creative possibilities. Feel free to multiply effects by mixing more colours. Why not combine two similar shades, two flashy colours for a standout finish, two complementary colours … everything is possible!