Custom Crosshatched Moleskine

Crosshatching is great for giving your notebooks a little extra style. The flexible heavy-duty cardboard covers of these Moleskine journals are perfect for personalising. Going on a trip? Grab a pen and use this technique to create a unique travel diary or give a lucky friend a custom set of 3 notebooks!
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Custom Crosshatched Moleskine
  • Moleskine notebook with paper cover
  • Pencils
  • DeSerres precision markers

How to create a one of a kind notebook

Step 1: Lightly sketch your desired image on the cover of the Moleskin in pencil or transfer it with graphite paper. Get inspired by what’s around you! Take a long look out the window and draw what you see or use a reference photograph. Printing your reference photograph in black and white will help you see the tonal value of each colour and make it easier to draw with pen and ink.

Step 2: Trace the outlines of your design in pen and gently erase your pencil lines

Step 3: Fill in your drawing using crosshatching lines. Densely overlap lines for darker areas and keep the crosshatching lines further apart for lighter areas. Do not draw any lines at all for the lightest areas and leave the plain book cover visible.


A white gel pen is perfect for adding additional highlights.
Want even more style? Continue your drawing on the back cover!

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