Decorating Terracotta Pots With Chalk Paint

For an easy way to decorate and brighten up your exterior, customize your terracotta pots.

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Decorating Terracotta Pots With Chalk Paint

Warm weather means terraces, balconies and gardens!

For an easy way to decorate and brighten up your exterior, I invite you to customize your terracotta pots.

Whether they contain plants, flowers or herbs, they’ll bring a touch of colour and character to your summer.

Follow these steps to transform your space and pots!

Project by: Chloé Comte




Preparing the pots:

Before you start decorating your terracotta pots, they need to be well prepared. They must be clean so that the paint can stick well.

For new pots: Soak them overnight in water, then let them air dry.

For old pots: Wash them in hot soapy water and gently scrub them inside and out.

If your pot is very dirty or stained, soak it in hot water with white vinegar and rub the stains out with a sponge. Rinse well and let it air dry.

Terracotta pots are porous (allow moisture in and out); therefore, you will need to seal them so that the paint doesn't peel off and they don't turn brittle as you water your plants.

Apply a waterproof coating (the same spray you use for your shoes) to the outside of your pots once they’ve been washed and dried.


Step 1:

Draw freehand shapes on your pot with a brush and chalk paint. Apply two thin layers of paint each time. Allow both coats of paint to dry thoroughly before layering more colours.

Step 2:

Draw various shapes with a brush and the gold leaf glue. Let the glue dry for about 15 minutes, until the surface becomes sticky.

Step 3:

Carefully place the gold leaf on the dry, sticky glue. Gently rub the gold leaf with a soft brush so that it sticks to the glue.

Step 4:

Continue rubbing the gold leaf to detach the unglued areas. If the leaf does not stick in some places, apply a little more glue, let it dry and put a new piece of gold leaf.

Step 5:

Draw simple and repetitive shapes on your pot with the acrylic paint markers. You can draw directly on the pot, on the chalk paint, or on the gold leaf!

Step 6:

To protect your work from UV rays and the weather, apply two coats of matt varnish on your decorated pots (in a well-ventilated room and on a protected surface).

Step 7:

Now, all you have left to do is add your favourite flowers, plants or herbs before placing your beautiful, customized pots outside for the summer!