Drawing with an eraser and charcoal

This expressive charcoal technique can be used to give drawings a moody atmosphere. There are many ways to use charcoal in drawings but carving away at it to reveal shapes by creating highlights with an eraser is a good exercise in negative drawing.
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Drawing with an eraser and charcoal
  • Black compressed charcoal sticks (soft)
  • White compressed charcoal sticks (soft)
  • Factis® BM-2 mechanical eraser
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Paper blending stump
  • Mixed media sketchbook
  • Workable fixative

How to Draw with an Eraser?

Step 1: Using the side of the charcoal, cover the entire surface of the paper. Smudge using a blending stump to create an even tone.

Step 2: Begin your drawing by using the kneadable eraser to gently lift off layers of charcoal. The amount of times you "lift" with the eraser will determine the tone. Use the mechanical eraser to create sharper edges and cleaner highlights.

Step 3: After your drawing is finished, additional highlights can be added using white charcoal.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your drawing, spray it with workable fixative to tack down any loose powder and prevent smudging. Always do a test before treating a drawing with any fixative or varnish as it may cause an undesirable discoloration.


Tips :

Place a piece of scrap paper between your drawing hand and the drawing to avoid smudging your drawing with your hand as you work.