Faux Concrete Planters

This set of DIY concrete geometric planters will liven up your living area add a modern textured accent to your decor. Lightweight, these paper mâché flower-pot holders are the ideal project for when you want the look of concrete but can’t handle the heft. A concrete creative solution!
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Faux Concrete Planters
  • Folk Art® Painted Finishes concrete paint
  • Paper maché vases and flower pot holders
  • Stiff paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Low-tack painters tape
  • Palette

How to make a DIY concrete look planter

Step 1: Use low-tack painter’s tape to mask off the areas of the planter you intend to give a concrete texture to. Using a soft paintbrush, paint selected areas of the papier mâché form with acrylic paint in the colour of your choice.

Step 2: Once the acrylic paint is completely dry, use more painter’s tape to protect the edges of the painted areas before applying the concrete paint. A little concrete paint overlapping on the acrylic painted areas is ok. Shake the concrete paint well before beginning. Using a stiff paintbrush, apply the LIGHT concrete paint to the planter.

Step 3: While the lighter undercoat of paint is still wet, dab the DARK concrete paint over it in selected areas to create depth and texture. Add interesting concrete-like discolourations by dipping a clean brush in water and pressing it against the surface while the concrete paint is still wet. Remove the painter’s tape.

Step 4: Once the planter is completely dry you can insert your plant and display it! Liven up your desk, windowsill or countertop with this lightweight DIY concrete alternative.

Tips :
Clean up with soap and water
Concrete paint dries within 4 hours and cures within 24 hours
Planters are for indoor use only
Create additional texture by dabbing paint on with a foam or stiff bristle brush