Fluorescent Acrylic Pour Pumpkin

Pour painting has been on everyone's lips lately. This is the perfect pumpkin decorating project. 
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Pour painting has been on everyone's lips lately. Cassandre Auclair and Maude Duguay, DeSerres Experts from our Laval store, got inspired by this trend and put together the perfect pumpkin decorating project. Get your containers ready!


  • Acrylic gouache
  • Soft Body acrylic paint
  • Pouring medium
  • Gesso
  • Containers
  • Wooden stick



Step 1 : 

Protect the pumpkin stem with masking tape.

Step 2 :

Apply a uniform layer of white gesso on the pumpkin.

Step 3 : 

Pour one part paint and one part pouring medium into a glass or container. Repeat for all colours in separate containers.

Step 4 : 

Pour the paint and medium mixture over the pumpkin, while alternating colours. When satisfied with the result, let dry completely.

Step 5 :

Remove the masking tape and paint the stem. For an ultra scary effect, or to impress your neighbours, display the pumpkin next to an ultraviolet light.


The paint adheres better when the pumpkin has been previously coated with white, black or transparent gesso.