Haute couture-inspired by Artlex

From catwalks to designer collections, eyelets are most definitely trending in the fashion world. And now, you can use them to customize your sneakers!
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Haute couture-inspired by Artlex

  • 1 pair of Bensimon® sneakers
  • Eyelets of different sizes (4 mm, 10 mm and 16 mm) and installation kit
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 pencil
  • Small sewing scissors


Step 1: Use the pencil to mark where you intend to place the eyelets.

Step 2: Use the scissors to pierce the shoe fabric at the previously marked locations.

Step 3: Use the hammer and installation kit to attach the eyelets according to instructions provided for different eyelet sizes. Repeat for each marked spot, randomly spreading them across the sneakers.

With a helping hand, you can easily place an endless number of eyelets. Test this technique on other sneaker colours. You can use only silver or copper eyelets, or just one size. You can also mix all sizes and colours. Get creative!