Pébéo Vitrail Sun Catcher

Think outside the book with this luminous twist on art therapy colouring. This simple project lets you make the most out of the daylight by crafting a radiant sun catcher to bring light into your home all year long
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Pébéo Vitrail Sun Catcher

How to Make a Painted Glass Light Catcher

Step 1: Remove the glass from the frame and place the selected drawing from your colouring book underneath it. Tape the drawing into place and trace all the outlines with Pébéo's Cerne Relief pen.

Step 2: Once the lines are dry, begin painting your design in the colours of your choice. You can mix paint colours when necessary and dilute the paint with solvent to create more transparent hues and remove brush strokes.


Step 3: Once dry, fine lines and details can be added on top of the Vitrail using the Cerne Relief pen. Let your work dry completely before putting the glass back in the frame. Hang or rest your sun catcher in a window, then sit back and enjoy the glow!

Tips : To make the Cerne relief pen flow more smoothly, try dipping the tip in a bit of water.
Use a small amount of Taltine on a cotton swab or tissue to wipe away any mistakes you may have made with the vitrail paint.