Personalise Your Backpack

Turn heads with a custom backpack that reflects your personality. Whether you’re the crafty type or the sporty type, iron-on patches are a simple way for you to show your colours. Go ahead, make an impression!
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Personalise Your Backpack
  • Backpack
  • Iron
  • Iron-on patches
  • Piece of fabric or paper


How to attach patches?

Step 1: Arrange the iron-on patches on your backpack in the composition of your choice.



Step 2: Set your iron to the "cotton" temperature setting.

Step 3: Cover the patch with a piece fabric or paper to protect the patch and backpack from the heat of the iron. Iron the patch for 30-45 seconds. Let cool.

Step 4: Turn the backpack inside out and iron for 30-45 seconds. Let cool. If the edges of the patch are not secure and lift up, repeat steps 3 and 4.