Revamped Holly Wreath

A soft and delicate version of the traditional wreath! 
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Revamped Holly Wreath

A soft and delicate version of the traditional wreath! Hang outside or inside to give your space an inviting feeling.
Project developed in collaboration with Chloé Comte, artist and DIY blogger.


  • 14" brass ring
  • 8" brass ring
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Zibeline white wool
  • Barisienne white wool
  • White wool
  • Pompom templates
  • Scissors
  • Gold wire
  • Cutting pliers
  • Natural hemp twine
  • Fir branches



Step 1 :

Securely attach the two rings together with the gold wire.

Step 2 :

Cover the wire with hemp string. Form a loop in the centre so that the crown can be hung. Secure with hot glue.

Step 3 :

Create the round pompoms by hand with different balls of wool, or with a pompom template. In this example, all wool balls are of the same colour. Only wool thicknesses, textures and pompom sizes differ.

Step 4 :

Create two long pompoms by wrapping a small box or piece of cardboard with wool several times. Once the desired thickness is obtained, cut the piece attached to the ball. Remove the pieces from the box by sliding them out. Attach the top of the circle with a piece of wool.

Step 5 :

Cut another piece of wool and wrap several times to form the pompom “head”, and finish with a tight double knot. Cut the loops at the bottom of the pompom and resize the bottom, so as to obtain a uniform length.

Step 6 :

Attach the fir branches to the largest brass ring using the wire.

Step 7 :

Place the long pompoms first, followed by the round ones. The round pompoms can be attached by making knots with wool or hot glue.

Step 8 :

Finally, place additional small pompoms on the small ring in the same way as the larger ones.