Maud Besson

"When I can’t get an image out of my head, that’s when I know I need to recreate it. I have no other choice."
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Maud Besson

Maud is a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys exploring different techniques: watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, collage, drawing, linocut and graffiti. She enthusiastically shares her passion for art by preparing workshops for all skill levels. During her workshops, Maud uses two cameras: one where you see her speaking, and another (the main one) where you see her painting or drawing. This way, you can easily see all the steps of the project and ask her questions via the Zoom chat. We look forward to seeing you at the next workshops!

This Quebec City-based artist has showcased her artwork in nearly 120 exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States and France.

Fascinated by humans, most of her works revolve around the face and body. Other works depict urban landscapes and wild animals, to which she lends half-humanoid, half-sacred characteristics.

Maud’s creative journey begins when she collects images that inspire her: “Finding images that I will glue and transfer onto canvases is a process that I really enjoy.” She then lets her mind do the rest. “When I can’t get an image out of my head, that’s when I know I need to recreate it. I have no other choice. That’s what motivates me to create.” When painting, she allows memories and emotions to take over: “The most important thing for me is to translate emotions that will empower my artwork.”

Maud Besson invites us into an intimate space; one where she collects, cuts, glues, untangles, draws and paints to show us her version of the world.

DeSerres Experience

Maud Besson has been at DeSerres for nearly eight years and mainly teaches acrylic, image transferring and watercolour classes at the store located on Hamel Boulevard in Quebec City. She also runs the class for young artists aged 9 to 15 years: “I love teaching! It allows me to share my passion for art, while providing beginners with solid basic knowledge. It’s truly a pleasure. Providing personalized advice to students is my priority.”

Maud's artwork

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