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Our Framing Experts

We are proud to share that all of our custom-made frames are produced locally from A to Z by a family-run business that cherishes your artwork and memories as much as you do. Our framing experts are master craftsmen who know exactly how to showcase your treasures.

Learn more about the framing process and about the road your artwork takes from our store to when it is ready to be proudly displayed in your home.

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Step 1 :

A consultation with one of our in-store experts helps us identify your needs.

Step 2 :

Your artwork leaves our store and heads to the workshop where our framers will work on the project from A to Z.

Step 3 :

The framer prepares your choice of moulding.

Step 4 :

The moulding is cut to the requested dimensions.

Step 5 :

The moulding is then carefully assembled.

Step 6 :

Once the moulding is assembled, the framer ensures that all the corners are perfectly polished and stained.

Step 7 :

It’s time to choose the perfect mat for your frame.

Step 8 :

After choosing the right matting for your project, the framer cuts it to the required dimensions.

Step 9 :

Before final assembly, each part is meticulously examined. The glass is delicately cleaned to ensure an impeccable result.

Step 10 :

Putting it all together!

Step 11 :

Careful packaging for transport and handling, so your art reaches you safely.

Step 12 :

Your framed piece is sent to the DeSerres store where the order was placed.

Step 13 :

And voilà! Your framed piece is ready for pickup at our custom framing counter!

Our framing experts are certainly not short of experience. Every week, they work on nearly 120 different projects. They’ve seen it all, even some unconventional requests:


"There isn’t anything that can’t be framed! We’ve even framed a hockey stick!"

Their expertise knows no bounds!

There are several reasons that may lead you to opt for a custom-made frame. We choose this option not only to properly preserve our artwork, but also when we desire a certain finish or aesthetic that only a custom-made frame can achieve.

It goes without saying: at DeSerres, our experts treat your artwork as if it were their own. It’s in good hands!

Learn more about Custom Printing

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