Tanya Vallières

"I learn every day [...] Giving classes meets my need to share and discuss with people."
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Tanya Vallières
A Pébéo expert at DeSerres? Yes, Tanya Vallières! Now a store manager, she is also a highly creative artist. Guided by her considerable know-how, Tanya lets her emotions flow onto the canvas and invites us to savour the present moment.

Tanya honed her creativity and gained unique know-how over the years. It is after studying visual arts at the Cégep de Sherbrooke that the artist began working at Pébéo. The love story between her and the brand has lasted more than 20 years. Always very curious, she seized the opportunity at the company to express her boundless creativity, holding several roles over the years. “At Pébéo, I tried my hand at everything. I made many colour charts, did creations for Canadian and American decorative painting magazines and was in charge of artistic production for arts and leisure,” she said. “I also hired teams to carry out various major productions and give workshops and presentations at trade fairs.” A hands-on career that perfectly suited her passion for mixed media.

In tune with her instincts and inner vibrations, Tanya paints in the now. She shares her emotions through her paintings by playing with light and shadow, textures and flattening effects. Layer by layer, Tanya reveals an abstract vision of her present moment and her depth of skill by playing with transparencies. Without giving up all her secrets, she told us that she uses different types of water-based paints and solvents. “I use acrylics of different consistencies, pouring media, additives and pastes, all of which are very interesting.” Her favourite paint is Pébéo Vitrail. “When I’m working with a solvent base, I usually prefer Vitrail. It gives a transparency and an incredible shine that helps produce the desired result.” Her preferred tools are DeSerres painting knives, firm paintbrushes (hog bristles) and a painting rag.

To our delight, Tanya Vallières has chosen “the freedom to create” and has been at DeSerres for 12 years now. “I learn every day,” she says. “Giving classes meets my need to share and discuss with people. I’m lucky to be doing something that gives me an opportunity to teach, both when advising customers and giving classes. This fall, I’ll be teaching mixed media techniques and acrylic painting classes at the store.”

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Tanya's artwork

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