Charlotte Penabel

"It’s always very surprising for me to see what I can achieve [...] to see how much I can alter them to make something new."
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Charlotte Penabel

Charlotte is the lively and passionate artist who won UNTAPPED at Artist Project 2019. Learn more about this collage enthusiast who charmed the public at this major art event.

Her background

Charlotte has been creating collages for five years now. Formerly a social worker, she decided to devote herself entirely to her artistic passion, a passion she had left behind for her job at the time: “I hated working and being confined to a career in which I didn’t evolve artistically. So now I’m back to my creative roots. It’s been quite the rollercoaster of emotions with pressure from society, family and myself.”

She began experimenting with collages in an effort to improve and add images to her self-portraits. Since the early 2000s, Charlotte has accumulated approximately 100 images on her computer. She initially collected the images for inspiration, but they’re now the driving force behind her art: “I didn’t intend to become an artist, it kind of just happened. I’ve been collecting images from the internet on my computer since the early 2000s, for no reason other than to archive material I liked. When I came across these images later, I started experimenting with ‘selfie art’ and it seemed like the natural next step to start using other images, and make art for the love of making art.” Through her works, she loves to create aesthetic concepts or atmospheres that come to life thanks to various collages: “It’s always very surprising for me to see what I can achieve when I take sections that seem insignificant, or small parts of an image; to see how much I can alter them to make something new.”



The artist’s style has greatly evolved since winning UNTAPPED. Charlotte used to mainly create her collages on computer, but her new collection, which she will be presenting at this year’s Artist Project event, will feature her signature collages to which she has added layers of resin and glitter. An ambitious collection that she’s very proud of: “This year, I’ll be showing original works mounted on wooden panels with layers of resin, glitter and collages. I’m so proud of these new creations and I’m very excited to showcase them. I’ve never made art like this before.”

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Charlotte's artwork

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