Urbania Contest 2020

DeSerres is proud to present the three winners of the A Path to Art Contest presented by Urbania Art Gallery.

Urbania Contest 2020

Open to all, this contest offered emerging and experienced artists the chance to win an opportunity to exhibit their artwork at Urbania Art Gallery, at the DeSerres Hamel store and on the internet in the summer of 2020.

You will discover three amazing artists who are sure to inspire you!



Emerging Artist - Alex Lorieau

Born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1987, Alex Lorieau developed a passion for creativity at an early age. His artistic expression began with superhero sketches and comic book drawings. This artist’s artistic approach was transformed by his experience with street art, and his works are still influenced by it to this day. Studying form, colour, style and composition through graffiti has resulted in a unique style that inspires his work.

During his university studies, he discovered both traditional and modern art techniques. New challenges such as portraits, still lifes, and natural and urban landscapes were added to his street style. Combining new methods and learned practices, he creates pieces inspired by his everyday life, using a mix of mediums and surfaces.

This artist prefers to work with acrylic, oil and spray paint, both with brushes and spatulas, and he is particularly fond of large-format canvases.


Experienced Artist - Nathalie Lainesse

Born in Quebec in 1965, Nathalie developed an interest for all forms of art at a very early age. Art has always played a major role in her life.

After a career as an actress, she returned to painting. Creativity allows her the freedom to express and explore in everything that she does. Simply and colourfully, she emphasizes in all her works the emotion attached to life’s big and small pleasures. Colour separation in cloisonnism reflects her way of breaking with the tradition of painting objects as we see them. Discernible shapes are transformed into rhythmic movements and the result is at once fluid, deformed and organized. Each work presents a story, characters, portraits, landscapes and everyday objects.

She is fond of pigment-strong materials such as oil paint, tempera and encaustic. She also likes to work on collages with paper, stones, marbles or wood. The use of different natural textures adds a unique vibrancy to this artist’s work.


Artist from the Urbania Art Gallery - Michel Laverdière

Michel Laverdière has been painting for 50 years. He exhibited in many art galleries across Quebec City and completed several painting and drawing courses. This artist also enjoyed a great career in visual presentation with many Quebec retailers, and worked on the development of floats for the Quebec Winter Carnival.

Through his art, one can experience his free spirit and kindness. He inspires us with urban and architectural scenes that break natural perspectives—all in rapid movement and broken lines. He defines his art as modern figurative.

He likes to work with whatever is available to him. Oil on canvas or panel, and acrylic on canvas or paper for more detailed work. He likes ink, coloured pencils, graphite and watercolour for drawing and sketching, and works with oil for sculpture, soapstone and alabaster.