Edmund and Artie Lam

"There is no other feeling like the satisfaction of creating, bringing into the world something that had not existed before."
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Edmund and Artie Lam

2020 will definitely be a year to remember, but what we will remember most is all the rainbow art that you created—how it filled the streets with hope and positivity.
This year, to celebrate you and your passion for creativity, we called upon the talent of artists of all levels.

A few weeks ago, we reached out to you, our community, and we received some truly touching—and real—images.

You touched our hearts and to thank you, we wanted to share three artists whom we felt truly embodied the idea of feel good art.

Happy reading!


Edmund, can you please describe what role art has played in your life/career?

I can safely say art has been the source of all my deepest passions throughout my life. My parents put me, along with my two older brothers, in drawing lessons when I was 3 years old and I instantly fell in love. It taught me how not to just see things, but to really observe and try to understand them. That passion to create and express myself eventually lead me to starting a band, recording multiple albums and touring across the country, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and finally a career as a Creative Director in Fashion and Marketing.

What is Artie most passionate about when it comes to arts and crafts?

I think he loves creating things that represent how he feels and what he loves, which often involve depicting activities with his family, animals and his favourite cartoon characters.

What does "Art Feels Good" mean to you?

There is no other feeling like the satisfaction of creating, bringing into the world something that had not existed before. Big or small, creating is a way for me to check in on myself—to put a piece of paper, a computer, or a guitar in front of me, and see what comes out.

When you are creating with your son, how would you describe these moments?

When we create together, it reminds me of our connection. It feels less like a father-son relationship during those times, and more like just two people playing, exploring and having fun. I’m always proud of what we create together, as it’s a document of that special experience.

Edmund VS Artie: What are your 3 DeSerres essentials?

Artie: Markers, scissors and sparkly Scotch tape.
Edmund: 2B pencil, sketchbook and eraser.

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