Elizabeth Zhang

"Art is subjective and not everyone will appreciate your work, but out there somewhere, there will be someone who will. You just need the courage to start."
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Elizabeth Zhang

Self-taught artist Elizabeth Zhang of Calligraphy with Liz wields the pen like no other.

Passionate and generous with her time, she shares her creative secrets through the various workshops she offers, as well as her custom print contracts. We met with this inspiring artist and asked her a few questions. Happy discovery!

DeSerres: Can you describe one of the key moments in your artistic journey?

Elizabeth: As someone with no artistic background prior to learning calligraphy, I had a lot of self-doubt going into this art form. I never believed that my work was good enough for people to purchase, or that my level of calligraphy was good enough to teach. My doubts were slowly erased when I began receiving inquiries from my audience about workshops, custom prints for homes or wedding decors, and even brands asking me to do live events for them. Every encounter and question that I received gave me the reassurance that I needed—I simply had to believe in myself and START. Art is subjective and not everyone will appreciate your work, but out there somewhere, there will be someone who will. You just need the courage to start.

D: What place does art have in your life and what does being an artist mean to you?

E: Art is present in my everyday life in so many ways. Exploring watercolour and calligraphy has made me appreciate nature and life’s simple pleasures so much more. When I go for walks in the park, I think about how I could paint a certain scenery, or how I could colour my next lettering piece. For me, inspiration is everywhere. Being an artist makes me feel alive because I get to transform my thoughts into calligraphy artwork.

D: What place does social media have in your life?

E: Social media is a double-edged sword for me—I love it because I get to interact with my Instagram community (@calligraphiewithliz), but I sometimes spend too much time on it. I try to schedule specific timeslots each day for creating my daily posts/replying to comments, but I like to stay off of it as much as possible so that it doesn’t take over my daily life!

D: What inspires you and your creativity?

E: For me, inspiration is everywhere. I love going for walks, as I always come back feeling refreshed and ready to create—with a mind filled with ideas! I love listening to chill mixes on Spotify and creating in the early morning or evening.

D: What are your favourite products and why?

E: For calligraphy, my medium of choice is watercolour. I love metallic watercolours because they come in so many beautiful shades and they also sparkle and shine, which adds depth to a piece.

D: What do you like most about calligraphy?

E: Calligraphy requires a lot of precision and focus, so creating helps me relax and takes my mind off things. I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I complete a piece!

D: What would you like to say to artists who are just starting out?

E: If you are thinking of starting a new hobby, whether it is calligraphy, painting, etc., the key is to just START. Do not let your doubts get the best of you. Practice makes progress and I believe you will find your inner talent—just do not give up

Elizabeth's artwork

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