Gabrielle Boucher

"I wish to convey a feeling of serenity, confidence and freedom through my art."
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Gabrielle Boucher

DeSerres: Tell us about your story and artistic background in a few lines.

I consider myself an emerging artist and I hope to make a living from my art within a few years. As I have a full-time job, I paint early in the morning before going to work, and on weekends, I can spend my days creating. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I studied art-related subjects such as architecture and interior design because I wanted to work in a field that stimulated my creativity. At the time, I believed that only a handful of people could become successful artists, and I preferred not to take a risk. But today, artists get so much more visibility, way beyond simply showcasing in an art gallery – there are so many possibilities available to us with the internet, social media and technology.

DeSerres: What role does art play in your life, and what does being an artist mean to you?

I attach great importance to art in my everyday life. By being present in our environment, it can positively influence our state of mind. Whether it is a work of art, a photo, an object or interior design, art makes us feel alive and allows us to dream. I believe that being a painter is primarily about creating for yourself. It is the ability to project your emotions, a part of yourself, your vision of the world and your dreams through a medium.

DeSerres: What inspires you and your creativity?

For me, inspiration comes instinctively through an idea. For my compositions, I mainly get inspired by the beauty of living things: portraits, animals and plants. I wish to convey a feeling of serenity, confidence and freedom through my art. In my opinion, the creative process influences our creativity. It is specific and unique to each individual and it is important to find a process that coincides with your personality. I love realism and figurative art, but I also like to let myself go with abstract art. I usually start a work with an abstract background containing colours, markings and textures that inspire me, and then my subject comes to me.

DeSerres: What are your favourite products, and why?

As a surface, I mainly use stretched cotton canvases. I enjoy using several products according to the different stages of my creative process. I like to prepare my surface with a structural mortar to add texture and imperfections to my canvas. I also love spraying water with Liquitex inks and Golden High Flow acrylics to create abstract backgrounds. To position my main elements, I use watercolour pencils and paint markers. I usually start my work with water-based products because they dry quickly and allow me to work on the same project for several hours. However, I prefer to finish my works with oil paint, as the colours do not change when drying and they are richer and brighter. I love Winsor & Newton's Liquin Fine Detail Medium. It is perfect for speeding up the drying time of oil paint, for glazing, or just to have more fluidity.

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