Janice Sung

"Try to enjoy the process and worry less about the end result."
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Janice Sung
Toronto-based, Janice Sung is an independent illustrator and designer. Her passion is to create stunning imagery inspired by fashion and beauty.

Creative Process

According to Janice, the world we live in is a work of art. So, in a sense, she’s surrounded by art day and night. By looking at the world this way, she's able to grab inspiration from her surroundings and appreciate beauty in all its forms. Being an artist means dreaming and imagining whatever your heart desires, and then putting it on paper. It’s also the ability to create something so unique and distinctively yours that people can recognize it, even without your signature.

Janice recently took up gouache again, and she’s having so much fun! She loves how opaque and vibrant the paints are. Her favourite thing about art is that you don’t have to know any special tricks or techniques to create something beautiful. She believes anyone can do what she does. Time and practice allowed her to develop her technique (and not to mention, a lot of trial and error!).

Don’t have too many high expectations (of yourself or your work). Work at a healthy pace and improve naturally as you go. Try to enjoy the process and worry less about the end result.

Janice's artwork

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