Luc Tessier

"Art brings light and joy. It has to be joyful, so that it can make you feel good too, like a kind of therapy."
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Luc Tessier

A multidisciplinary artist from Drummondville, Luc Tessier was introduced to the world of art at an early age. His fascination for handmade things comes from his mother Madeleine, from whom he learned knitting, embroidery and crochet as a child. Visual arts aroused his curiosity early on. It was therefore quite natural that music, photography, woodworking, drawing and painting would later become part of his life.


Luc has always been a creator, but he did not "accept" the label of artist until late in his career. The encouragement he received from those around him and the way the public reacted to his work played a big part in this realisation. He saw the emotional power of art:

"Art brings light and joy. It has to be joyful, so that it can make you feel good too, like a kind of therapy."


Luc draws his inspiration from a variety of fields. From music to modern abstract art: Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Dominic Besner and Sylvain Coulombe are among his main influences. Joy and the heart, his favourite themes, are expressed through colourful shapes and psychedelic hues. Luc believes that expressing feelings through colour and movement can bring pleasure, satisfaction and a soul-soothing sense of calm to the viewer. His intention is to "create something positive" and to share a message of hope. However, this ode to joy was born out of grief when he lost his husband back in 2011. This event led the artist to painting and allowed him to "put his emotions on canvas".


His first artwork was an acrylic canvas, composed of a heart and the colour purple. Today, Luc Tessier’s creations are a mixture of optical illusions and hypnotic sensations that begin … on his computer. A trained musician and photographer, he uses a range of tools and technologies to create digital art in which colours, patterns and contrasts intermingle: “With circles, lines, trees and neon effects, I create worlds. Once the digital creation is complete, he then prints it on canvas in high definition. He then applies an epoxy resin finish, which adds a final touch of shine and further depth to the colours. This unique process, which occurred somewhat by accident, has resulted in a series of works called “Esprit Libre”, which have a crumpled appearance.

“It’s as if the canvas is frozen, floating in the water or wind, on a clothesline. It creates unexpected movement. It’s a journey: you know where you’re going to start, but you don’t know where you’re going to end.”


Luc Tessier's artwork can be seen from coast to coast: at Le Luxart Gallery in Montreal, at L'Espace Créatif in Quebec City, at Le HangArt Gallery in Vancouver and at Petroff Gallery in Toronto.

Luc's artwork

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