Marie-Josée Bergeron

"Art is part of my life. In fact, art flows through me, I can't dissociate myself from it."
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Marie-Josée Bergeron

2020 will definitely be a year to remember, but what we will remember most is all the rainbow art that you created—how it filled the streets with hope and positivity. This year, to celebrate you and your passion for creativity, we called upon the talent of artists of all levels.

A few weeks ago, we reached out to you, our community, and we received some truly touching—and real—images.

You touched our hearts and to thank you, we wanted to share three artists whom we felt truly embodied the idea of feel good art.

Happy reading!


Marie-Josée, tell us about your art career in a few lines.

I have a degree in Fine Arts and a bachelor's degree in Environmental Design. I worked at Ikea for many years in art direction and interior design, as well as at TVA, as an art and decoration columnist for the now-defunct TV show "Tout simplement Clodine".

In 2009, I became seriously ill and was rushed to the intensive care unit. I underwent surgery and was hospitalized for several weeks. Following this dramatic episode, I decided that art would once again become a priority for the rest of my life. Since 2010, alongside my artistic practice, I have been offering acrylic painting and mixed media workshops aimed at connecting as many people as possible to the power of creativity and intuition. Since the beginning of covid, I have been giving my workshops online and I am reaching a community of passionate people for whom art is a source of relaxation, therapy and sometimes even healing.

We all know that 2020 was out of our control, what have you learned as an artist over the last few months?

First, I am proud to say that being both an artist and an entrepreneur is possible. I am living proof of this. Covid pushed me to achieve my dream of creating online art workshops in order to reach a larger community. Since March, I have been helping people feel less isolated and even rediscover their passion for creativity. These online courses have transformed the way I teach. Letting go and trusting the unknown has never been so important.

What does "Art Feels Good" mean to you, and how has this definition evolved over the years?

Art is part of my life. In fact, art flows through me, I can't dissociate myself from it. Having almost died from this illness, I can guarantee you that if I hadn't listened to the little voice inside my head (the one telling me to dive headfirst into art and creativity), I wouldn’t be here today to talk about it and share my passion. I am honoured to have accompanied, for more than 10 years, groups of all ages and backgrounds to sensitize them to the power of creativity and to revive their intuitive spirit.

I believe that getting your hands dirty with paint, colours, textures, materials and collages can positively impact your physical and mental well-being, as art stimulates the imagination, shapes concepts and brings ideas to life.

What do you wish for the next generation of artists?

For several years now, my goal has been to integrate art into our daily lives and conversations, just like gastronomy, interior design and the environment. I firmly believe that together (media, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, the art community), we have the power to convince people that art is an important part of our lives.

Also, I hope that the relationship between art and money ceases to be a taboo topic and that artists who do manage to make a good living from their art are no longer judged! I hope that in Quebec, more buyers emerge and that more people become aware of the importance of encouraging our local artists.

What have been your go-to DeSerres products over the years?

All mediums used for mixed media techniques: Liquitex matte medium and gel, Golden cracking medium and Golden High Flow Acrylics. I recently discovered Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paint (gouache and acrylic).

Above all, I like to mix mediums, transform matter and trust the creative process. Exploring and listening to my intuition allows me to create what I call happy accidents, caused by the fusion of matter, paint and pencils.

As I like to tell my students: When I go to DeSerres, I feel like a little girl in a big candy store! It brings me nothing but joy!


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