Mario Adornetto

"I compose with figurative, abstraction, colors, depths and if there is emotion on the canvas with all of that, it’s even better."
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Mario Adornetto

A Montréal native, Mario Adornetto has “always been an artist.” From lettering artist to wooden sign carver, graphic designer, illustrator and architectural designer turned painter, this artist's journey is both captivating and inspiring.

Mario Adornetto’s Creative Zone

He tells us his story with great enthusiasm. It begins at the end of high school when he landed his first contract to redesign the lettering on a tow truck. This contract lead him to explore different job opportunities with sign companies for a dozen years. Then, at the age of 27, after returning to school to study residential drafting, he opened an architecture studio specializing in the ideation and design of single-family homes. “I have been practising this craft since 1995 and I am still passionate about it today,” he says.

In November 2016, while planning a new work area in his home, he found old steel easels from his lettering artist days. He then announced to his wife that he would keep them for his retirement, as he was thinking of taking up painting. She took his word for it and with the help of his colleagues, offered him a canvas to challenge him into creating his first work of art. The task was a difficult one, despite all the creative and artistic experience he had, this was all new for him. In his home workshop, he stared at the blank canvas and wondered, “I'm looking for inspiration. I want to create something with the intensity, strength and warmth of animal eyes, because their eyes are mirrors in which we can see ourselves. I compose with figurative, abstraction, colors, depths and if there is emotion on the canvas with all of that, it’s even better.” Something clicked—he would paint animal portraits. Abstract, figurative and explosive portraits!

Upon completing his first piece, he received a lot of positive feedback. Surprised, but also satisfied with this instant success, he decided to explore this form of expression more seriously. “I had to jump on the wagon and develop my art,” he explains. Then amidst the paintings and receiving more and more praise, he adapted his workshop and decided to reduce his involvement in his architectural business to devote more time to his paintings. And so, half the time “ I dress as a painter in the morning, it‘s my new 9 to 5!”

For the last two years, it has been a new life for the 50-year-old artist who feels like a young person just beginning his career: “I feel energized and all pumped up,” he says. His paintings emerge from this positive energy, a pure emotion that transforms into movements and passionate gestures that are both rough and soft. From sharp and precise carvings to light and delicate touches, from bright and vibrant colours to light and subdued ones, each painting translates the artist’s state of mind, positivity and zest for life.

Making a major change this late in a career may seem risky for some, but for Mario, this represents a great source of motivation. Proud and committed to the success of his architectural business, he has set himself the goal of succeeding at the same level with his art. “Fear can paralyze us and prevent us from taking action towards our success, we must be confident that what we want will happen.” Filled with this positivity, he is working on a new collection of paintings for a second opening at the end of 2019. We wish him much success in his future endeavours and we are very proud to have him among our Zone members!

Some of Mario's artwork

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