Pat Cantin

"Consistency is a waste of time, an obstacle to creativity."
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Pat Cantin

Pat Cantin mainly focuses on abstract, semi-figurative or “anti-portrait” art. He works with oil, acrylic and spray paint in all his pieces. He believes each medium brings a different component to his work, allowing him to better express himself through art.

"I paint on the canvas directly using my hands. I like to feel the paint slipping between my fingers, and then I shape it as I please. Tools such as brushes or spatulas don’t give me the same amount of control over my movements."

For Pat, dipping both hands in paint is an intense adventure, like something that goes beyond the body. Movement on canvas determines the outcome, which is never predetermined.

"I like everything about creation. I explore everything. I have so many projects in mind, I have to get up in the morning: I have to create."

Pat's Artwork

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