Stephanie Coleman

"Always push the boundaries in anything that you do. You must never stop creating, even if it’s sometimes difficult!"
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Stephanie Coleman

Stephanie Coleman is a Canadian screen print artist who combines her passion for design with her love for textiles. Surrounded by art from an early age, she lives and breathes her passion.

Art is her reason for being. Stephanie grew up in Clearwater, northern British Columbia, a small town with no art stores or museums. Her early passion for drawing and painting was given to her by her parents. At age 5, she began drawing mainly home or nature subjects with her mother. A few years later, her father introduced her to screen printing: “He had his studio in our basement and he printed t-shirts for the volleyball team. It had a DIY vibe.” The books of Matisse and Van Gogh constituted her first exposure to art. "I was so impressed by the beauty of their work." At age 16, at the Chicago Art Institute, she discovered the real-life paintings of artists who marked her childhood.

Passionate about the Victorian era, and influenced by a long stay in Japan, as well as William Morris, the father of "Arts & Crafts”, she creates delicate artwork that seamlessly blends into daily life.

Creative Process
For this young screen print artist who graduated from Concordia with a BFA, starting a professional art career wasn’t easy: “For a very long time, practising art terrified me. I was afraid of success and being lonely in my studio, but art found me." Her studio is her creative temple, a place where she can freely practise screen printing. She prefers working in the morning to avoid distractions, and enjoys making installations: "Seeing my work in context gives me energy.” To boost her creativity, she studies techniques, know-how and art history, such as wallpaper techniques from the 1700s and the history of screen printing. “History-based concepts are essential to my illustrations. They give depth and context to my work."



Stephanie works with black and white a lot, and enjoys playing with ink colours. She uses water-based inks, to which she adds pigments. She loves the endless creative possibilities this gives her. We can easily recognize her fine line technique printed on textiles: "Details make all the difference."

Photo credits: Portrait, studio and process shots: Carrie MacPherson / Toile de Ville Wallpaper and Montreal Teatowel photo: Sebastian Tamayo / Linen wallhanging photo: Stephanie Coleman

Stephanie's artwork

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