How to create your own mat

Creating your own mat can be done quickly and at a low cost.
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How to create your own mat

Buying a custom-made mat can be expensive. And since watercolours and printed photos often come in non-standard sizes, pre-made mats don’t always work. Fortunately, creating your own mat can be done quickly and at a low cost.

Step 1:

Be sure to have the following items close at hand: a framing mat, a pencil, a ruler and a cutting blade. Also, make sure you know the exact dimensions of the photo or image you want to frame when you purchase the mat.

Step 2:

Centre the photo on the cardboard mat and trace its outline using a pencil.

Step 3:

Cut the cardboard mat along the lines you traced in pencil, using the ruler as a guide.


  • Use an acid-free cardboard mat. The acidity contained in the cardboard has yellowing properties that could alter your wedding photo in a terrible way.
  • There are mat cutters available for cutting your cardboard mat at a 45-degree angle. These mat cutters are ideal if you want to cut several mats in a professional manner.
  • For a contemporary look, layer two colours of mats. For a more classic feel, favour a tone-on-tone approach.
  • Don’t forget, the larger the mat is, the more the emphasis will be on the photo. This is an easy way to have your favourite memories take centre stage.