Linocut Technique by Artist Janice Sung

Learn to make your very own tote bag with this easy project
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Linocut Technique by Artist Janice Sung
Linocut printing is a fun technique that allows for various crafting options—and now you can learn to make your very own tote bag with this easy project by artist Janice Sung. A total treat to make. Let’s print!




Step 1 :

Draw or print your design on a piece of paper. Flip the piece of paper around, put it against a source of light, and start tracing it with a pencil. Make sure to cover the entire area of the artwork with graphite. The darker your pencil, the clearer your transfer will be.

Step 2 :

Place your artwork on the carving block.

Step 3 :

Use a pencil or ballpoint pen and start tracing your artwork. Don't be afraid to apply a little pressure, as the graphite should easily transfer onto your block. You can also go over it with a pencil to make it clearer.

Step 4 :

Take your linoleum cutter and start carving! What you carve out will not appear on your canvas, so try to carve as deep as you can without cutting through the block. This will prevent any unwanted smudges from getting onto your canvas.

Step 5 :

Use a knife to cut off excess rubber.

Step 6 :

Place your stamp onto the canvas to determine the desired positioning.

Step 7 : 

Take out your paints and put the desired amount onto a piece of plexi, or any smooth surface.

Step 8 : 

Use the roller and roll it onto the paint. You want your roller to be fully covered in paint before you start rolling it onto your stamp.

Step 9 :

Once the stamp is fully covered in paint, place the stamp onto your canvas and press down, making sure every part of your design touches the canvas. Have the stamp sit on the canvas for at least 10 seconds before slowly taking it off. There you have it, your own personal tote bag!