Marker Illustration Technique on Canvas By Justin Houle

Molotow One4all acrylic markers offer endless creative possibilities!
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Marker Illustration Technique on Canvas By Justin Houle

This concept illustration is created using Molotow One4all and Liquid Chrome markers, as well as an Apollon black gesso canvas. Offering a good level of opacity and precision, Molotow One4all acrylic markers are available in several colours and offer endless creative possibilities! And the black canvas is perfect for accentuating contrasts.





Step 1 : 

Make a preliminary sketch of your home using a watercolour pencil. This will make it easy to erase lines that will not be used with a damp cloth. At this stage, you don't need to have a well-established drawing, only a basic grid on which to focus.

Step 2 : 

Using a more defined linear sketch, establish the lines and colours that will be used. This allows you to fill the interior with a flat, basic colouration, i.e. the pre-modelling stage of the illustration.

Step 3 : 

Filling the colour blocks: This step allows for a first colour application. Depending on the colour, it may take several layers to even out the blocks. Wait until the colours are dry before adding more coats. This allows an easier application.

Step 4 :

Applying complementary colours: This step allows for an even illustration, as it integrates the first detailed elements and better defines the colour blocks.

Step 5 : 

Applying final details: This step is all about adding finishing details to better define the illustration. Add features that define and highlight contrasts (controlled application of whites and blacks). It can be interesting to include some element of surprise to enhance contrast. In the example provided, we used the Molotow Liquid Chrome marker to add a bright and glittering effect. This final touch adds a bright contrast, as the silver glistens under light.


  1. These steps allow you to create your own unique illustration, using only acrylic markers. Nothing is stopping you from mixing different techniques to create an illustration.
  2. One of the advantages of the acrylic marker is that it allows a flat, even application, while creating subtle texture on the canvas.
  3. The black canvas is solely used to better demonstrate contrasts between acrylic markers. These markers can also be used on many surfaces such as wood, paper and other porous substrates.