Mastering the Magic Loop

From hats, mittens, socks and more, it opens up a whole world of project possibilities
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Mastering the Magic Loop

Knitting in the round is an essential knitting technique that every knitter should learn. From hats, mittens, socks and more, it opens up a whole world of project possibilities. A preferred method for circular knitting is the Magic Loop technique, which is especially useful for smaller projects. Why is it so magical? Just try it and you will see!


  • A pair of circular needles (80-100 cm long)
  • Yarn


How to knit with circular knitting needles

Step 1: 

Cast on your stitches using a pair of circular needles with a long cord measuring 29” (80-100 cm). The number of stitches you chose to cast on depends on your project.

Step 2:

Slide the stitches from the needles onto the cord, divide stitches evenly and gently fold the cord in half so that half of the stitches are on either side. Pull some of the cord out from between the stitches where you have bent it.

Step 3: 

Slide the stitches back down the cord and place them back on the needles. Turn the needles horizontally so that they are pointing to your right. The first stitch you cast on should be closest to you. Leave the tail of the yarn hanging down and bring the working yarn (the part attached to the ball) over the needle furthest from you.

Step 4:

With the stitches closest to you still on the needle, pull the back needle out so that the stitches slide to the cable and knit the first stitch on the needle closest to you. Be careful not to twist your stitches!

Step 5: 

Knit across all the stitches on the needle. When you get to the end, turn your needles around so that the unworked stitches are closest to you. Pull the needle out of the worked stitches, sliding them onto the cable and advance the unworked stitches back onto the needle closest to you. Keeping the working yarn to the back, knit across the stitches on the needle. Continue in this way until your tube is as long as you want it to be. Now you are knitting in the round magic loop style!


The yarn tail from your cast on marks the beginning of your row.