Paintbrushes For Watercolour Painting

This might help you find the right paintbrushes.
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This might help you find the right paintbrushes.

  • 1-in. flat
  • Round no. 8
  • Round no. 4
  • 2/0 round or liner for detailing


Watercolour painting requires a lot of water and is done on paper. The bristles must therefore hold large amounts of water, be very soft and snap back to their original shape.

Watercolour brushes are available in natural or synthetic bristles, although natural bristles are usually better able to hold water. Although sable bristle brushes are considered the best brushes for watercolour, they are also the most expensive. Good-quality synthetic bristle brushes are a good compromise.

Camel hair or India ink brushes are good for experimenting with washes and gestural lines.

In short, you get the best results by using the right brush. Don’t hesitate to use large brushes and keep smaller ones for finishing details.

Watercolour brushes generally have short handles because the medium requires precise technique and involves working on relatively small surface areas.