The Power of Punch Needle Embroidery

Punch needle embroidery is a fast and fun way to create original designs on fabric.
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Punch needle embroidery is a fast and fun way to create original designs on fabric. It’s easy to stitch a variety of textures with the Clover embroidery tool. Make a cute wall decoration by mounting your punch project in a wooden embroidery hoop.


  • Punch needle
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Cotton embroidery thread
  • Woven fabric or canvas
  • Scissors
  • All-purpose glue


How to Use the Clover Embroidery Tool

Step 1: 

Trace your design onto a piece of raw canvas (or other densely woven cloth) and stretch it securely in an embroidery hoop.

Step 2: 

Assemble and thread the punch needle as per the package instructions. Hold the punch needle as you would a pencil, making sure that the curved side of the needle point is facing your body and that the thread from the skein is hanging loosely over your hand without snagging.

Step 3: 

Leave at least 2 inches of thread hang from the eye of the needle and insert the needle into the fabric at a 90-degree angle, making sure the needle is pushed into the fabric as far as it will go before bringing it back up. When you bring the needle back up, make sure it stays very close to the fabric so that it is almost touching as you move to your next stitch.


Step 4: 

Punch a line of stitching from left to right, following your design. The curve in the needle should always be pointed in the direction you are stitching in. Rotate the hoop if necessary.

Step 5: 

Continue punching until all the areas are filled in with stitches. To finish, place your finger on the last stitch to hold it in place and draw the needle up. Trim the thread very close to the work and place a dot of fabric glue on the back of the canvas to secure it.


Stitches can be made from either side of the fabric to create different textures.