10 Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Favourite Creative This Holiday Season

Christmas is already around the corner. To help you find the perfect gift, we've put together a list of 10 gift ideas that are sure to please any creative. Let's dive in!
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10 Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Favourite Creative This Holiday Season

Although we've only just experienced the first snowfalls of the season, Christmas is already around the corner. Would you like to spoil your artist friend this year? Perhaps you want to awaken your child's creativity? Or maybe you're just looking for unique and creative gift ideas? To help you find the perfect gift, we've put together a list of 10 gift ideas that are sure to please any creative. Let's dive in!



1 - DeSerres Creative Kits

DeSerres has four different Fine Arts Kits: watercolour, acrylic, drawing and oil painting. These four kits were carefully prepared by our expert buyers so that you can find all the products you need to start a new artistic medium in one box. Each kit contains colour, one or more suitable surfaces, a set of brushes and medium-specific accessories. The perfect gift idea to spark a new artistic passion or to explore new techniques!

2 - Pébéo® Pouring Experiences Kits

Gift the pouring experience! These Pébéo® kits make it easy to learn this popular painting technique without too much prior experience.

These kits are available in three formats ranging from a simple and economical kit to a more extensive and complete kit: the Discovery Pouring Experiences Kit, the Pouring Experiences Kit (6 x 118 ml) and the Pouring Experiences Kit (47 pcs). The simple kit offers pre-mixed colours with a pouring medium and, depending on the kit, you'll also get technique-specific surfaces and accessories to work with. A gift idea that is sure to please!

3 - DeSerres Marker Kits

DeSerres Marker Kits are a great gift idea for anyone who loves to sketch, write and draw. DeSerres markers are our pride and joy, and we continue to expand our selection of marker types and colours, as well as our eco-friendly and functional packaging. Available in many convenient sizes and a variety of vibrant colours, it will be hard to choose just one!


4 - 60-Piece Extra-Soft Half-Pastel Set

This gift idea
from our Prestige Collection will please both professional and beginner artists. Discover or rediscover pastel art, which is making a comeback right now. This Sennelier® set offers a selection of 60 professional quality, extra-soft half-pastels with a velvety feel and exceptional luminosity. A great way to get back into this classic technique!


5 - Brodé Serré® Embroidery Kits

We're also very proud to help promote Quebec artisans by offering you products created by small Montreal business: Brodé Serré®! These embroidery kits feature satirical Quebec expressions for a fun and humorous creative experience. Embroidery, an age-old and timeless hobby, is now easy to learn thanks to these small starter kits that contain a detailed guide, as well as access to exclusive tutorial videos. A fun and trendy gift idea for anyone in need of a creative pick-me-up!


6 - DeSerres Candle-Making Kit

This gift idea can be given in two ways: you can create your own candles as gifts, or you can give the candle-making kit itself. It contains all the tools and materials needed to create four beautiful candles. Spark your creativity or that of your loved ones with this simple and fun creative hobby.


7 - Puzzle Store® by Ravensburger®

This product has quickly become a must-have for puzzle lovers: a gift to give or to keep! The Puzzle Store consists of a hard carrying case that can hold and store a standard size puzzle of 1,000 pieces or less. When opened, the case is shaped to create sorting bins for your pieces, making it easy to complete your puzzle. The interior also protects your puzzle during transport and storage. Try it: you'll love it! A great gift idea to combine with one of our many puzzles for an even cooler gift!



8 - DeSerres Wooden Artist’s Case

Spark the creativity of your little ones with DeSerres's Wooden Artist's Case. This set includes 87 pieces: crayons, markers, watercolours, pastels, and so much more. Easy to carry, the case is made of quality wood and features a secure, two-hook closure. This product has quickly become a favourite for creatives of all ages, and one of our best sellers every holiday season. A great gift idea with great value!


9 - My Fabulous Storyteller™ by Lunii®

Unleash the imagination of little ones with My Fabulous Storyteller™ by Lunii®. This little magical box for children ages 3 and up is an excellent alternative to screens and tablets. It develops their creativity and, thanks to its original content, allows them to become storytellers. With My Fabulous Storyteller™, children create their own audio stories by choosing a hero, an object, a place, and more! A gift idea that will captivate children for years to come, as it includes 48 stories and several others that can be downloaded. Pair it with the Octave® Headset to create a unique and practical set.


10 - Ravensburger® GraviTrax® PRO Vertical Starter Set

Want to give a gift that combines fun and science? That's what the GraviTrax® PRO Vertical Starter Set is all about! Suitable for children ages 8 and up (and adults!), the kit encourages imagination to create action-packed, three-dimensional marble tracks while learning about the laws of gravity and kinetics. With 149 elements, this game offers everything you need to build unique vertical courses. Plus, it integrates easily with other Gravitrax sets for endless fun!