Daniel Smith Watercolours, Unmatched Quality!

Learn more about the pigments that were used to create a unique range of watercolours. 
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Daniel Smith Watercolours, Unmatched Quality!
Daniel Smith offers the widest range of watercolours on the market. With more than 233 colours, the creative possibilities are endless! Learn more about the pigments that were used to create a unique range of watercolours. Made in Seattle, USA.



Daniel Smith rethought their manufacturing methods from A to Z by integrating watercolour "quinacridone" pigments. Daniel Smith was the first manufacturer to use these high-performance pigments in art paints, which were initially developed for the automotive industry. Known for their brilliant colour and luminous transparency, these pigments make paints durable and extremely lightfast, and are perfect for watercolours. They are ground and mixed under a refrigerated system, which keeps the pigments bright, transparent and very permanent.

Daniel Smith's 35 Primatek colours are the only watercolours to be produced with semi-precious minerals such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, amazonite, azurite, etc. Sourced from different countries, the semi-precious minerals are processed on-site and stones are reduced to a fine powder. In industry, the powdered minerals are then mixed with gum arabic and reworked in cylinders. This process creates a watercolour paint with balanced particles.

Interference and pearl colours offer subtle brightness and changing—almost magical—colour effects. Made of transparent mica flakes, which are coated with different thicknesses of titanium dioxide, interference colours refract light into delicate shades of blue, copper, green, gold, lilac, red and silver. When applied to white paper, they are almost colourless, but on a dark surface, they come alive in pale, shimmering colours. Pearl colours are of consistent texture, and do not create colour changes like interference colours. Mix interference or pearl colours with standard tube colours to add depth, or simply apply them on top of a dried colour to add sparkling effects when creating flower petals, shimmering water or feathers.

When seen from different angles, rich and vibrant Duochrome pigments offer a true colour-changing 3D effect. Depending on the reflected light, the colour oscillates between two distinctive colours to create a pure visual experience. With a little experimentation, you’ll see that Duochromes can illuminate, reinforce and majestically brighten up your palette.

They are shinier than interference and pearl colours. Colours are constant and do not change according angles, or light direction, as is the case with interference colours. Made with iron oxide-coated mica flakes, iridescent colours are all very shiny, and many have a copper finish, or a gold or silver sheen. Try them alone or mixed with standard colours—you’ll get amazing iridescent textures and effects.

Daniel Smith developed three environmentally friendly pigments called EnvironOxide™. They’re used to manufacture three extra-fine watercolours: yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide and brown iron oxide.