Molotow LIQUID CHROME™ Marker

The perfect tool for any creative project!
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Meet Molotow’s latest: the LIQUID CHROME™ marker. Its unique ink stands out thanks to its top-class mirror effect, scratch and abrasion-proof characteristics and versatility on a variety of surfaces. The perfect tool for any creative project!

Molotow LIQUID CHROME™ markers are equipped with a patented capillary system that allows constant ink flow and long-term use. They can easily be refilled at least 50 times and are not designed to be disposable. In fact, the innovative Refill Extension feature can be mounted between the valve and marker body to avoid getting your fingers dirty.


Easily choose the thickness of your strokes. With LIQUID CHROME™ markers, you get unlimited flexibility and creative possibilities thanks to several tip options. An eco-friendly choice that avoids unnecessary plastic waste.


Whether you wish to create a poured effect or a fine line, LIQUID CHROME™ markers work on almost all non-absorbent surfaces: canvas, plastic, leather, glass, treated wood, stone, metal, tire, cardboard, porcelain, terracotta, etc. For smooth, non-absorbent and flexible surfaces, it’s best to apply a primer. We recommend testing them before application.


LIQUID CHROME™ ink is highly pigmented. For this reason, it’s extremely important to shake the markers well before use. LIQUID CHROME™ markers are easier to unscrew when wearing protective gloves. LIQUID CHROME™ ink is ideal and ready for use with airbrushes. You can use the 30 ml LIQUID CHROME™ refill in all Molotow pump markers.