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Learn more about the company's history, but also about some top products that have made it famous. Enjoy!
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Pébéo Products

As a brand, Pébéo's reputation is well established. Its products are widely popular among artists today, and it is constantly reinventing itself to support them at every stage of their creative process. The company also boasts a fascinating history—a bold and unique entrepreneurial journey that led to the arrival of Pébéo products in artist studios. In the next few lines, you can learn more about the company's history, but also about some top products that have made it famous. Enjoy!

La Pébéo was founded in 1919 in Saint-Marcel, initially transforming lead into by-products. It was Claudius Chaveau who first became interested in the colour pigments obtained by processing lead. This marked the beginning of his family's love affair with the company. In 1929, La Pébéo decided to devote itself entirely to the creation of pigments for building paints. A few years later, the company finally launched its first oil paint tubes, to be used for painting advertisements on walls—a vocation was born. Endless creative innovations then allowed Pébéo to become the fine arts and creative hobby leader we know today.
Pébéo Studio acrylics and oils are offered in a WIDE range of colours. Colours are undeniably vivid and have been tested in all kinds of conditions, giving them exceptional lightfastness. Another interesting fact is that the Studio range features very affordable acrylics and oils, making these paints a product of choice for students.
Pébéo is also making a name for itself in the world of creative hobbies thanks to innovative paints that have revolutionized the way we look at fabrics and glass. One example is the Setacolor range, which offers bright, vivid colours for decorating textiles, allowing fabrics to be painted, dyed or printed. These paints are ideal for most textiles; thin or thick, light or dark. One can also think of stained-glass paints which are glossy, transparent, solvent-based, and easy to use to achieve stained glass effects.
Pébéo offers a complete range of mediums for all types of paint, but one of the brand's star mediums is without a doubt the Drawing Gum. Drawing Gum was developed in the late ’60s by Robert Chaveau (Claudius’s son). Since then, this masking fluid has been a go-to for watercolourists who wish to preserve white areas in their paintings. It can be applied with a brush and easily removed with your fingers to bring detail and luminosity to your work.
In addition to offering varnishes for acrylic, oil, gouache, etc., Pébéo has in recent years ventured into resin. The company has three organic resins that are more environmentally friendly than conventional resins and do not yellow, in addition to being easy to work with. You can read our article on this subject right here.
Pébéo has over 100 years of history and innovation under its belt. We could only present a few of its top products in this article, but you can click here to learn more and discover all the creative possibilities that are available to you thanks to Pébéo.