Acrylic, Collage & Mixed Media Portrait (FR)

Wednesday, May 11th at 6 P.M. (EST)
Duration :
2 hours
Teacher : Maud Besson

$50 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in French.
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Acrylic, Collage & Mixed Media Portrait (FR)
Explore a variety of techniques through the creation of a photo-inspired portrait! To begin, artist Maud Besson will present all the necessary materials and how to use them.

You will first learn how to create a collage background, followed by a mixed media portrait of a woman. Step by step, Maud will show you all her techniques! A wonderful project that allows you to truly unleash your creativity.
Open to beginners.

*This workshop is recorded (you will receive the video link 48 to 72 hours after the workshop).


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Part 1: Getting to know your materials

To begin, Maud will show you what type of paper you can use to make collage backgrounds on canvas, as well as the types of acrylic mediums you can use to glue them. She will also discuss acrylic paint and brushes.

Part 2: Project time (step 1)

In Part 2, you will glue your background with decorative paper. Once dry, you will move on to the creation of your portrait. Maud will tell you all you need to know about collage techniques, as well as which papers to use.

Part 3: Project time (step 2)

In Part 3, Maud will guide you through the steps to create your acrylic portrait. She will then provide useful tips on how to draw a harmonious and accurate portrait.


List of materials to bring:

HB and/or B pencils
1 cardboard or mounted canvas (8 x 10 in)
Gloss gel medium
Set of hog and synthetic bristle brushes in all sizes (square brushes, round brushes and very fine brushes; including one 3/4" wide square brush, one 1/2" square brush and one 1/4" square brush)
✓ Acrylic set (primary colours; Black, White and Burnt Umber Brown)
Decorative paper or newsprint for collage
✓ 1 glass jar of water
✓ Rags
A well palette to mix your colours
✓ Hair dryer
PDF template that you can print out

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Choosing the Right Canvas


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