Acrylic Pour Painting (FR)

Thursday, April 18th at 10 A.M. (EST)
2 hours
Teacher: Mélyna Leclerc

$50 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in French.
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Acrylic Pour Painting (FR)

Ignite your creative spark with a technique that is endlessly gaining in popularity: acrylic pour painting! In this two-hour workshop, you will learn how to spontaneously pour acrylic paint to create unique masterpieces.

Mélyna will explain the basics of pouring, but also how to practice this technique in an eco-friendly way. This workshop is open to all, as you don't need to be Picasso to master this fluid technique!

Open to all levels.
Ages 14 to 99.

*This workshop is recorded (you will receive the video link in 3 to 5 business days after the workshop).

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Part 1: Pouring basics

In this theoretical part, Mélyna will explain pouring basics: which type of paint to use, which medium to use, the ideal mixing ratio (paint vs. medium vs. water), how to use silicone oil. She will also give you some tips and tricks on how to make your pouring practice more eco-friendly.

Part 2: Get your hands dirty!

In part two, you will prepare your acrylic paint and then pour it directly onto your canvas. You will explore two different pouring techniques.

Part 3: Q & A

To conclude the workshop, Mélyna will answer all your questions about acrylic pour painting.


List of materials to bring:

✓ Acrylic paint (White, Black and other colours of your choice; minimum 4 colours other than Black and White)
✓ Liquitex® or Pébéo® pouring medium
✓ Silicone oil
✓ Water
✓ Reusable glass, cardboard or plastic containers (different sizes)
✓ Wooden sticks
✓ Torch or embossing iron
✓ Plastic gloves (ideally biodegradable)
✓ 2 cotton canvases (11 x 14 in)
✓ Pouring tray (I like to use oven trays...reusable!)

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