Colourful Finger Painting for Kids! (EN)

Sunday, December 19th at 1 P.M. (EST)
Duration : 2 hours
Teacher : Kathryn Wadel

$35 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in English.
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Create colourful finger paintings with your young artists! In this parent-child workshop, artist Kathryn Wadel will show you creative techniques to mix colours and create colourful, expressive paintings on paper using non-toxic paints. She will also share how you can set up and maintain the perfect home studio so your little artists can unleash their creativity. Fun for the whole family!

Open to beginners.




Part 1: Material checklist and setting up your home studio

To begin, Kathryn will provide a quick overview of the workshop materials, as well as how to set up your space for finger painting fun!

Part 2: Colour mixing and finger painting

In Part 2, Kathryn will lead you and your young artist through the steps to mix your own colours by hand. She will also demonstrate finger painting techniques to create an expressive painting on paper.

Part 3: Eco-conscious cleanup + Q & A

To end the workshop, Kathryn will share helpful, eco-friendly tips to clean up and maintain a home art studio for young artists. She will then answer any art-related questions children or parents may have.


List of materials to bring:

✓ Mixed media paper or watercolour paper pad (minimum 9 x 12 in)
✓ Non-toxic finger paint
✓ Paper towel or painting rag (upcycled cotton t-shirt)
✓ Masonite board/support board (minimum 10 x 13 in)
✓ Painter’s tape
✓ Water jar or bin (for cleaning hands)
✓ Palette or palette paper
✓ Garbage bag or large canvas drop cloth