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Facebook Live: Add Metallic Effects to Your Artwork (FR)

Wednesday, November 16th & 23rd at 12 P.M. (EST)
Duration :
45 minutes ea.
Teacher : Marie-Josée Bergeron

FREE  | offered LIVE via Facebook®
*This course is only offered in French.
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Facebook Live: Add Metallic Effects to Your Artwork (FR)

Join Marie-Josée Bergeron, expert in acrylic painting and mixed media techniques, for a free Facebook Live event!

In Part 1 of this live tutorial, Marie-Josée will present different metallic effect mediums that can be mixed with textures and acrylic paint. Come and discover several products, including some of her favourites: Liquitex® Heavy Body® metallic paints, acrylic inks and the COLORBERRY® range. She'll share all her tips and tricks for combining metallic effects with stencils, materials and paint.

It's the perfect time to treat yourself and explore all sorts of products. Let your art shine, because at this time of year, it's only fitting. A great way to welcome the holiday season with shimmer and shine!

Don't miss this event … there will be many exciting surprises!

Open to all.
Ages 13 to 99.

*This workshop is recorded and will be available on our social media.


Part 1: Wednesday, November 16th at 12 P.M. (EST)

To begin, Marie-Josée will complete the first steps of her project using various mediums, such as matte gel, gold and silver mediums, Liquitex® Heavy Body® acrylic paints, and so much more. And of course, she'll also add her personal touch by incorporating stencils and metallic pigments, among other things. She'll also work with painting knives, which offer the advantage of creating a light texture.

To continue, Marie-Josée will present amazing COLORBERRY® products (another of her favourite brands), with which she'll create resin effects.

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Part 2: Wednesday, November 23rd at 12 P.M. (EST)

Marie-Josée will continue the glitter project she started during the Facebook Live event that took place on November 16th. She'll show you how to properly integrate and glue COLORBERRY® resins (made during Part 1).

Marie-Josée loves to share her knowledge, so she’ll give you all her tips and tricks on how to properly use metallic effect products: acrylic paint, iridescent mediums, pouring mediums, pigmented powders, and so much more.

To continue, Marie-Josée will add subtle details using Pébéo® cerne relief outliners, as well as other vibrant products. Essentials you absolutely need to spruce up your art projects this winter!

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List of materials to bring:

✓ Canvas (16 x 20 in)
✓ Liquitex® Metallic Colours
✓ Pébéo® Cerne Relief Outliners
✓ Liquitex® Gold Metallic Medium
✓ Liquitex® Silver Metallic Medium
✓ Liquitex® Iridescent Medium
✓ Liquitex® Iridescent Pouring Medium
✓ Liquitex® Iridescent Acrylic Inks
✓ Schmincke® Aqua Bronze
✓ Metallic Dacryl
✓ COLORBERRY® products