Facebook Live: Discover Colorberry® and its unique collection of pigments and resins (FR)

Wednesday, February 22nd at 12 P.M. (EST)
Duration :
45 minutes
Teacher : Marie-Josée Bergeron

FREE | offered online via Facebook.
*This course is only offered in French.
Facebook Live: Discover Colorberry® and its unique collection of pigments and resins (FR)

Attend this free Facebook Live with Marie-Josée Bergeron, expert in acrylic painting and mixed media techniques. Marie-Josée will introduce you to the impressive range of Colorberry® pigment powders, resins, and accessories to help you achieve top-quality pours with vibrantly colourful and shimmering effects. Resin lovers, you won't be able to resist Colorberry® products!

Open to all levels
Ages 13 to 90.

*This workshop is recorded and will be available on our social media.

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Part 1 : 
Resin, pigment powders and pigment pastes

Marie-Josée introduces you to vibrant world of Colorberry®. Learn more about the origin of this collection, specifically Geode and Crystal resins—the brand's two flagship products—as well as the different pigment powders, in an assortment of intense colours. Marie-Josée will walk you through different pigment pastes and accessories, including cracks and sparkling powders, explaining how to use each of these products appropriately.

Part 2 : JESMONITE® resin

Marie-Josée presents the new addition to the Colorberry® family: a water-based synthetic resin called JESMONITE®. You will learn different techniques to create pours with a concrete and matte finish that is unique to JESMONITE®. Marie-Josée will also introduce you to Colorberry® liquid pigments to create a “terrazzo” look.

Mark your calendar and don’t miss this special workshop!


List of materials to bring:

✓ Geode resin
✓ Crystal resin
✓ Pigment powder
✓ White aura box
✓ Liqu-ment® for JESMONITE®
✓ Pigment paste
✓ Luxury collection cracks
✓ Silicone geode moulds
✓ JESMONITE® starter kit
✓ Luxury collection shellys
✓ Fine and chunky resin glitter
✓ Highlighter pens
✓ BUBBLEBYE® atomizer

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