Female Watercolour Portrait (FR)

Tuesday, February 21st at 6:30 P.M. (EST)
Duration :
2 hours
Teacher : Maud Besson

$45 $50 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in French.
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Explore the magic of watercolour portraiture! In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll explore various techniques to create beautiful portraits of women. Maud will first introduce you to the necessary materials, and then guide you through all the steps for a variety of all-level projects.

A workshop that allows you to unleash your creativity, while exploring a classic art form (with a modern twist!) that has been around for a long time.

Open to: beginners and intermediates
Ages 14 to 99.

*This workshop is recorded (you will receive the video link 48 to 72 hours after the workshop).

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Part 1: Intro to materials

To begin, Maud will show you all the necessary materials for the workshop: types of paper, watercolours and brushes.

Part 2: Project time

In Part Two, Maud will share all her techniques for creating harmonious and accurate female portraits. You will have the chance to discover or rediscover several drawing and watercolour techniques, while obtaining a bunch of tips and tricks to get started. Maud will guide you through all the steps!


List of materials to bring:

✓ DeSerres graphite pencils (HB or H)
✓ Staedtler® eraser
✓ Medium watercolour brushes (one finer brush + one very fine brush for details)
✓ Watercolour paint (approx. 10-12 colours minimum, in pans or tubes)
✓ Watercolour paper (9 x 12 in, 300 g)
✓ A well palette for mixing your colours
✓ Masonite board (approx. 11 x 14 in) *If not using a sketchbook.
✓ Low-tack green masking tape *If not using a sketchbook.
✓ 2 jars of water
✓ Paper towels
✓ Cloth
✓ Hair dryer
✓ Watercolour type paper to test your colours before applying them
A copy of the reference file

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