Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy (EN)

Wednesday, July 27th at 6 PM (EST)
Duration :
2.5 hours
Teacher : Elizabeth Zhang

$55 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in English.
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Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy (EN)

Have you always been fascinated by the elegant script of pointed pen calligraphy? Do you have the tools, but aren’t sure how to use them? Do you have experience with brush pen calligraphy, but don’t know where to start when it comes to pointed pen calligraphy? This workshop is for you!

In Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy, we will go through a range of subjects like nib and pen options, how to prep your nib to get started, as well as breaking down any issues you might face with your nib. You will then get to practice by learning the basic strokes and drills of modern calligraphy. Finally, we will explore lowercase letters and variations, so that you can create your own elegant, pointed pen script!

There are no prerequisites for this workshop – all levels are welcome.
Open to beginners and intermediates (ages 13 to 99)

*This workshop is recorded (you will receive the video link 48 to 72 hours after the workshop)

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Part 1 : Getting to know your tools 

Get started with the basics! Here, you will learn how to prepare your nib and pen, how to use your nibs with inks and paints, how to produce hairlines and swells with a pointed pen, as well as best posture and pen grip practices.

Part 2 : Basic strokes and drills with the pointed pen 

Next, we will go through the basic strokes of modern calligraphy to help you get comfortable with using a pointed pen. Nib and ink tips will also be given in this segment.

Part 3 : Lowercase letters and variations

Once pointed pen techniques have been mastered, we will go into lowercase letters and variations. You will get creative and learn how to create your own elegant and modern pointed pen script!


List of materials to bring:

✓ Nibs
✓ Pen holder
✓ Ink
✓ Jar of water
✓ Paper towels
✓ Windex/glass cleaner
✓ Pencil
✓ Eraser
✓ Smooth paper to practice on

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