Watercolour & Animal Portrait (FR)

Wednesday, July 14th at 3 P.M. (EST)
Duration : 2 hours
Teacher : Maud Besson

$30 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in French.

Explore drawing techniques while creating beautiful animal portraits. In this all-level workshop, artist Maud Besson will first demonstrate the necessary materials and how to use them. You will then learn how to create wonderful watercolour backgrounds, as well as how to draw several animal portraits using fine black markers. Step by step, Maud will show you all her techniques!

Open to beginners and intermediates.




Part 1 : 
Demonstration and explanation of materials

To begin, Maud will show you all the materials needed for the workshop: papers, felt-tip pens, watercolours and brushes.

Part 2 :
 Watercolour backgrounds (step 1)

In this second part, you will put into practice all the techniques you have learned by making a beautiful, flowered wreath. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the workshop.

Part 3 :
 Portraits (step 2)

In part three, you will have the chance to discover or rediscover several drawing techniques. Maud will explain her techniques for producing harmonious animal portraits. She will then introduce you to simple and practical tools for creating light and shadow effects with hatching systems and black, fine point, felt-tip pens. All of this through easy-to-follow steps!


List of materials to bring:

✓ DeSerres HB or H graphite pencils
✓ Staedtler eraser
✓ Natural bristle watercolour brush (medium size #12)
✓ Watercolour paint (about 10-12 colours minimum, in wells or tubes)
✓ Watercolour paper (9 x 12 in sheet or smaller) OR (minimum 300 g sheet)
✓ Well palette for mixing colours
✓ Various permanent, fine point, black markers of all sizes (Staedtler, Micron, Faber-Castell or Molotow)
✓ Masonite board (approximately 11 x 14 in)
✓ Low-tack green masking tape
✓ 2 jars of water
✓ Paper towels
✓ Cloth
✓ Hair dryer
✓ Watercolour paper to test colours before application
✓ A printed copy the PDF file which contains all necessary templates for the projects