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  1. Oil paint complete kit

    Special Price $31.99

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Complete starter kit for oil painting.

    1 set of 12 oil colours
    1 lindseed oil 75 ml
    1 odorless solvent 100 ml
    4 brushes
    1 plastic palette
    1 canvas panel
    5 plastic palette knifes Learn More
  2. 1980 Oil Paint – 37 ml

    from $7.49

    Gamblin 1980 oil paints are made with the same dedication and pure pigments that go into artist-grade oils. Driers are added to slow down the natural drying time of linseed oil. An excellent value for art students. Specifications: 37 ml, no chemical additives Learn More
  3. Van Gogh Oil Expert Box Set

    Painting with Van Gogh oil paints is a joy. A wide and balanced range of colours has been carefully curated for this expert set. Creamy with a high pigment content that offers unparalleled coverage, durability and lightfastness, the vibrant colours are sure to be a great source of inspiration. A box set of exemplary quality.

    Includes: (24) 20 ml tubes of Van Gogh oil colours, (1) 60 ml tube of White Zinc, (1) 60 ml tube of Titanium White (linseed oil), (3) 75 ml bottles of Talens additives (Odourless white spirit, Painting medium, Glossy varnish), 3 Van Gogh Brushes (series 210 No. 10—hog hair Gussow, series 211 No. 4—hog hair Round, series 294 No. 12—polyester fiber Gussow), painting knife 3014, double palette cup, container with 3 charcoal sticks, wooden palette, cloth, colour mixing instructions

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  4. Rembrandt Oil Master Box Set

    An assortment of the highest quality intense colours, formulated with a high pigment concentration, guaranteeing optimum coverage and long-lasting lightfastness. A collection of fine arts essentials curated for developing talent with the finest and best-made materials. The ultimate box set.

    Includes: (10) 15 ml tubes, (12) 40 ml tubes, (2) 60 ml tubes, (3) 75 ml bottles of Talens additives (Odourless white spirit, Painting medium, Retouching varnish), 4 brushes (series 200 No. 10, series 208 No. 14—bleached Chinese hog bristles, series 290 No. 6, series 291 No. 4—polyester fibers), painting knife no. 3012, double palette cup, container with 3 charcoal sticks, wooden palette, colour mixing instructions


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  5. Artist's Carrying Case — Oil Painting

    This high-quality wooden carrying case with a solid handle and clasps is filled with 26 essentials for creating with oil paints. A product that befits the brand’s strong reputation.

    Includes: 12 tubes of oil paint, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, 4 brushes, 2 graphite pencils, a bottle of linseed oil, a canvas, a plastic palette and an instruction book

    Size: 26 x 33.7 x 5.7 cm (10.25 x 13.25 x 2.25 in.)


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  6. Winton Oil Colour Studio Set

    Winton is a traditional range of oil colours, made from moderately priced pigments, formulated for student and amateur artists or more accomplished painters requiring large volumes of colour within moderate cost limits.  

    The application of traditional skills and modern colour chemistry techniques has resulted in a range of 47 carefully selected Winton Oil Colours which are of excellent quality.


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  7. Winton Oil Color Basic 10x21 ML Tube Set

    Oil paint assortment for novice and amateur artists.

    Contains: 10 colours x 21 ml
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  8. Original Permalba® White Artists Oil Color

    Original Permalba® White Artists Oil Color is free of toxic, lead-based pigments and is AP nontoxic. This acid and alkalis free formulation has a smooth buttery consistency that dries to an elastic-like film and will not yellow with age. Original Permalba® White boasts superior opacity and coverage and still remains the standard in artists white oil paint today.

    Quantity: 5 oz
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  9. Artisan Oil Paint Kit

    Artist's oils offer quality colours with a high concentration of pigments and which maintain an optimum colouring power, even when lightened using white.
    Artist's oils blend with one another, allow to obtain colours with a uniform consistency and with a permanent hold. They offer good working properties.
    Practical information:
    Dilute using oil, essences or mediums depending on the desired effect.
    Oils should be of the same brand to avoid problems with blending and drying.
    Use a varnish to protect the canvas (it is recommended to varnish after drying for 6 to 12 months depending on the thickness of the paint).
    Avoid inhaling particles.
    Drying: 3 to 6 days.
    Supports: canvas, cardboard, wood panels, etc. (Mediums must be prepped to keep from absorbing too quickly).

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  10. Van Gogh Oil Colour, Basic set of 10 colours

    These pure-pigment paints are particularly easy to mix and work with because all colours in the range have virtually the same degree of gloss and viscosity, and require about the same amount of time to dry. With good to excellent lightfastness, the colours remain rich and glossy over time. 

    Van GoghOil Colours have been developed for artists who are searching for quality andexceptional value. These paints are often used by professional artists forunder-painting or covering large amounts of space on the canvas.

    The BasicSet features 10 elemental oil colours in 20 ml tubes:

    • Alizarincrimson

    • Burntsienna

    • Cadmiumred

    • Cadmiumyellow

    • Ivoryblack

    • Phthaloblue

    • Ultramarinedeep

    • Viridian

    • Yellowochre

    • Zinc white

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