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Birdhouse decorating ideas

It’s a well-known fact that birdhouses attract birds. And spotting a new species is always exciting! Why not make it a family project to attract some feathered creatures in your backyard? Whether it be a one-bird tiny home or a condo development for the whole colony, decorate your birdhouse according to the latest trends.

Colourful homes for birds

Attracting birds requires fulfilling at least one of their three basic needs: food, water and shelter. Find one or two wooden birdhouses that appeal to the whole family and brainstorm some decorating ideas together. Kids will go out of their way to make the birds feel welcome and you will all get to enjoy seeing the new feathered tenants move into these stylish birdhouses.

Decorating ideas

Have fun painting birdhouses with acrylic paint while adopting the latest trends like colourful polka dots and stripes. Try combining different materials such as wood and copper or various geometric shapes for a distinctive look. Want a sure-fire way to attract birds? Use some washi tape and stickers to decorate your birdhouse!

Decorating tips from the pros

  • Want to create
    a rustic look?

    Dilute acrylic paint with water so the colour soaks into the wood and highlights the grain just like a wood stain.

  • You love copper roofs,
    do you?

    Apply a thin layer of glue to the roof and wait 10–15 minutes. Gently cover the roof with imitation copper leaf sheets and rub so they adhere to the glue.

  • Looking for a
    durable finish?

    Apply a coat of satin varnish to the outside of your birdhouse to protect it from the elements when you hang it outside.

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