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Bullet journaling: where creativity meets efficiency

Many of us strive to be more productive yet we rely on numerous calendars and notes to manage our busyness which, in itself, seems ineffective. Enter bullet journaling. “Creativity” and “efficiency” are said to be interconnected, so why not try an organization system that is creative and highly efficient?

The art of bullet journaling

A bullet journal, or bujo for short, is an all-in-one customizable planner, to-do list and diary. Requiring only a notebook and a pen—and maybe a few markers for good measure—a bullet journal can be used to list tasks, schedule events, track goals and log brainstorming ideas. The result is a simple, inexpensive, personalized and highly creative organization system that can be as colourful as your moods.

In your image

Doodling, chalkboard lettering, colouring: the options are endless! Tap into your creativity to organize your schedule and reach your next goals. Start by creating personal symbols to categorize tasks and upcoming events. Your favourite markers, stickers, washi tape and Instax photos will help you transform an ordinary notebook into a formidably creative and efficient planner that reflects your personality.

Starting a bullet journal

Ryder Carroll, the bullet journal’s creator, recommends dividing your notebook into the five following modules:

  • PencilsAn index: To list topics and their corresponding page numbers
  • Delivery TruckA future log:To have an overview of the coming months
  • Dollar SignA monthly log:To organize the month ahead
  • Picture FrameA daily log:To write down daily tasks and keep track of notes
  • Gift BoxCollections:To sort your inspirations and various lists (books to read, recipes, shopping, etc.)
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