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  1. Set of 6 Nozzles for 3Doodler 2.0

    The 3Doodler 2.0 Nozzle Set includes six new and exciting nozzles: a ribbon tip, a square tip, triangle tip, and 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm nozzles as well as a smoothing tool, allowing you to smooth, contour and add details to your doodles.

    The Nozzle Set also comes with a handy tool that allows you to effortlessly add, remove and store your new nozzles.
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  2. Stand for 3Doodler 2.0

    This stand has been designed to hold the 3Doodler 2.0 as well as several plastic refills.

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  3. Artist Mapping Nib – Hunt #513 EF

    Speedball dip nibs are long lasting, quality products ideal for use with ink and other water based media

    These nibs are specialized for delicate work and details, lines and lettering. For use with the H9451 pen nib holder. 

    Pen holder not included. 
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  4. Package of PLA refills for 3Doodler

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    Package of 25 PLA plastic refills for 3Doodler. These plant based PLA plastic refills are more rigid than the ABS plastic refills and can be used to doodle on glass, ceramic or metallic surfaces. The PLA plastic refills are particularly well suited to building structures as the rigid plastic is capable of making acute angles and hard edges. 

    Heat setting: 190 - 240 °C/374 - 464 °F

    • Hard but more brittle than ABS when bent, more likely to snap when bent or flexed
    • Vulnerable to degradation due to moisture and sunlight, as well as overheating in processing, more prone to overheating than ASB which can cause dripping and degradation. It can droop as it gets too hot.
    • Much stickier than ABS. Sticks very well to acrylic, not as well suited to peeling off paper stencils as ABS 
    • PLA is a biodegradable and recyclable plastic
    • Doodle on windows and other smooth surfaces 
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  5. 3Doodler® Start Essentials Pen Kit

    This simplified, entry-level 3Doodler is safe for kids to use. The nontoxic, biodegradable plastic melts at a low temperature and the pen has a single operating speed and temperature. Doodling with the 3Doodler Start pen enhances fine motor skills while helping to develop planning and building skills as well as spatial understanding.

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  6. 3Doodler JetPack 2.0 Portable Battery

    Want to use your 3Doodler pen on the go? Then this is the perfect accessory for you! The 3Doodler JetPack comes with a holster that lets you clip the portable battery onto your belt or stand it up on a table, allowing you to doodle for up to 2 hours with ABS or 3 hours with PLA filament. Once the battery is depleted, simply recharge it via the included USB 2.0 interface.

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  7. DoodlePad

    The DoodlePad makes it easier to create designs with your 3Doodler. Simply place a stencil under the clear plastic pad and let the helpful gridlines guide you. The plastic pad keeps your doodles in place and allows you to peel them with ease.

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  8. 3Doodler Pen Pedal

    Created specifically for more ambitious 3Doodling, the 3Doodler pedal gives you the freedom to doodle from various angles by letting your feet do all the work instead of your fingers. Like the 3Doodler Pen, two buttons control the extrusion speeds (fast and slow). You can even reverse the strand direction by pressing on both buttons at once.  So go ahead and doodle away! 

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8 Product(s)