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Original sun catcher

Relive your favourite summer moments with DeSerres.

Step 1: Pour a decent amount of glue onto the lid, moving it around to ensure the glue covers the whole lid.

Step 2: In a bowl, mix a small amount of water with one of the colours to dilute it slightly. Repeat for each colour.

Step 3: Pour two drops of every colour on the glue.

Step 4: Using a toothpick, gently spread the gouache around on the glue. Don’t stir too much; you want to keep the colours from overmixing. As they dry, the colours will continue to spread and create the desired psychedelic effect.

Step 5: Allow to dry completely. Depending on the amount of glue used, the project can take 1–3 days to dry. The sun catcher is ready when its edges detach from the lid.

Step 6: Once it’s dry, peel the catcher from the lid. Pierce a hole in the top, pass the string through it, and hang the catcher on a window to brighten up your world!

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