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Bead Weaving with Miyuki Beads

Off-loom bead weaving is a fun and easy way to create unique jewellery. Also called peyote stitch, this beadwork technique can be used to design patterns and images with Miyuki beads.

  • Miyuki beads
  • Embroidery needle
  • Beading wire or thread
  • Scissors

How to weave beads using peyote stitch


Step 1: Cut a length of beading string approximately 1 meter long and thread your needle. Secure an anchor bead in a contrasting colour, leaving a tail approximately 6 inches long.


Step 2: String an even number of beads onto your string and push them down against the anchor bead.


Step 3: Holding the string of beads securely, thread another bead onto your needle and slide your needle back through the second bead from the end (the eleventh bead). Tighten your beads.


Step 4: Pick up another bead with your needle, skip a bead and slide your needle into the next bead (the ninth one), tightening it into place. Repeat this step until you get to the end of your row of beads. When you get to the end, simply pick up another bead, skip a bead and insert your needle back into the next bead in the other direction. Do this until you have completed the length of weaving that you want. Weave in the ends.

  • After the first few rows, the anchor bead can be removed and the tail woven in.
  • The average length of a bracelet for an adult woman is 7.5 inches including clasp.
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