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Custom Decals

If you could decorate your walls with anything, what would it be?

You get to choose every detail with our custom decal services so the sky is the limit. We accept digital files on USB sticks, on CompactFlash, SD, Mini SD, Micro SD or Olympus DC cards, on DVDs, on CDs, and via email.
custom decals
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One image, dozens of options

Get a quick overview of our decal printing services
  • Custom Colours
  • Family Portraits
  • Custom Texts
  • Monograms
  • Complete ADzif Collection
  • Did you have something specific in mind? Certain ADzif decals can be personalized in the colour of your choice and some can be flipped to create a mirror image.

  • Design your own family portrait decal! With three popular sizes to choose from, pictures can be printed in black and white, colour or sepia. You can make them stand out even more by adding a decorative frame border.

  • Turn your favourite quote into wall art with our custom adhesive decal printing services. Pick a font, a colour, and a letter height between half an inch and 24 inches, and we’ll make it happen. Decals are resistant and easy to apply.

  • Monograms add a personal touch. They’re perfect to stick on a child’s bedroom door and make great wedding presents.

  • Did something catch your eye in the ADzif collection? If we don’t already carry it, we can order it in for you.

    See The Complete ADzif Collection

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