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Decopatch Chair Makeover

Give new life to an old beat-up piece of furniture with Decopatch! With a little paper, glue, paint and love, you can rejuvenate and refresh old pieces to match any décor.


How to Decorate Furniture with Decopatch Paper


Step 1: Using painter’s tape and newspapers, mask off the areas that you wish to paint, protecting the areas that you plan on decoupaging. Spray chair with decoSpray paint. Remove painter’s tape and newspaper once the paint is dry.


Step 2: Cut or tear your Decopatch paper into smaller pieces to fit the areas of the chair that you wish to cover. Paint glue onto the chair with a paintbrush.


Step 3: Place your paper over the glue and smooth it down from the center to the edges to eliminate any air bubbles. Add another layer of glue over top of the paper. Continue gluing and placing the paper by overlapping the pieces until the entire area is covered. Let the chair dry completely before using.

You will need:

  • Chair or other furniture
  • Decopatch paper
  • PaperPatch glue and varnish
  • Glue brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper
  • decoSpray paint
  • Make sure the chair is clean and dry before painting.

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